August 9, 2012

 We The People
want to share our dream with you.
It begins by reclaiming the simple word ‘patriotism‘.
 We see true patriotism as a non-partisan,
love of country that extends
to everyone, 
even when their racereligion, ethnicity,
or political affiliation is different than our own.

This website’s name and many of its ideas came from Eric Liu and
Nick Hanauer’s books 
True Patriots” and “Gardens of Democracy

We are proposing a new, non-partisan,
non-electorial political 
movement based on citizen participation by those of us who see the need to personally “tend” the gardens of democracy 
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We believe that Patriotism_2.0
begins in our homes and communities.
It helps promote an inclusive and *participatory* democracy at the grassroots level, 
making citizenship into an everyday *active* verb.


Index w/ links to all essays in our series
“Second American Revolution: Crowd-sourcing Democracy ~ simple ways to overcome a historic flaw
in our US Constitutional”

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