August 9, 2012


We want to share a dream with you that starts
by reclaiming the word ^patriotism^

 We see a friendly, low-key form of love for country that extends to its people.
Patriotism_2.0 begins in our homes and communities.
It promotes an inclusive *participatory* democracy at a grass-roots level,

making citizenship into an everyday *active* verb.

Our political power as voters is ever so much more than
reading emails that ask for campaign contributions &
sending money out of our own neighbors to fund national elections.

This website reflects ideas by the authors of
“True Patriots” and “Gardens of Democracy”
~ Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer

We are proposing a new, non-partisan, non-electorial political
movement based citizen participation by those of us who
see the need to personally “tend” the gardens of democracy 
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>> Remember, it’s not 1775 any longer, the British Loyalists and American Rebels
are NOT still racing around on horseback, shooting at each other.

Keep reminding yourself: it’s all good, it will all work out in the end.
REMEMBER ~ If it isn’t good right now, then it isn’t the end! {actor Dev Patel} << 

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The 2017 version of “Remember the Alamo” 

is ….. {drum roll please!}
~ it’s only for the Brave, the Bold and the exceedingly, boringly NORMAL!

2nd Rule ofPoliticss: Free is not sustainable!