August 9, 2012


WeThePeople want to share a dream with you
that starts by reclaiming the simple word patriotism

 We see patriotism as a basic, non-partisan, non-controversial love of
country; it’s meant to extend to everyone, even when their political
and religious beliefs or ethnicity is different than our own.

Patriotism_2.0 begins in our homes and communities.
It help promote an inclusive *participatory* democracy at the
grassroots level, 
making citizenship into an everyday *active* verb.

Our political power as citizens and voters is ever so much more
than replying to the flood of partisan emails that urge us to send more
and more and more money to 
national election campaigns.


This website reflects ideas by the authors of
“True Patriots” and “Gardens of Democracy”
~ Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer

We are proposing a new, non-partisan, non-electorial political
movement based citizen participation by those of us who
see the need to personally “tend” the gardens of democracy 
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It’s not 1775 any longer, the British Loyalists and American Rebels
are NOT still racing around on horseback, shooting at each other.

Keep reminding yourself: it’s all good, it will all work out in the end.
REMEMBER ~ If it isn’t OK right now, then it isn’t the end!
{actor Dev Patel’s famous line in The Last Exotic India Hotel}

Our version of “Remember the Alamo” is ….. {drum roll please!}
~ it’s only for the Brave, the Bold and the exceedingly, boringly NORMAL!

The 2nd Rule of Politics: Free is not sustainable!