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Why America’s Suddenly Leaping Forward — While the World’s Hurtling Backwards ~ repost MEDIUM

January 19, 2019

Reposted from MEDIUM ~ Online Journalism “Where Words Matter”  and Eudaimonia & Co Note from the Editor (me): I consider this to be the first and so far the only contemporary journalist to see a light at the end of our dysfunctional tunnel — one created by the GOP staring in the min-1970s and culminating […]

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My Open Letter via Twitter to Chief Justice John Roberts, Constitutional oaths, and the “I” word

June 27, 2018

9:14 AM – 27 Jun 2018 ~ from @faithgibson Open Letter Chief Justice JOHN ROBERTS ~ Hashtag #SCOTUS I recently read a biography of our most revered Supreme Court Justice, Chief Justice John Marshall (1804-1843). I also read several excellent histories of how our Founding Fathers wrote the  US Constitution and its subsequent ratification by “We the […]

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Index with Links to all ‘2nd American Revolution’ series of essays

February 3, 2018

    For future reference or to share, the TinyURL for this Index Page is   Editor’s Prologue: As a country, we are at a crossroads — either pull together or sit by as our country sinks into a new Dark Ages. I’m not a big fan of living in the dark, so I see this […]

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An Aside on Factions-Special Interest Groups ~ Congressmen who on occasion form majority voting blocks versus the unmitigated & unethical influence of the 1% uber wealthy or political influential

December 12, 2017

This essay can also be accessed in the page of links for stand-alone essays in our 2nd Revolutions series Brief Aside from Chapter 2 ~ How the corruptive influence of temporary factions/majority voting blocks in the last 20th century morphed into the politics of Big Money based on political contributions by uber wealthy political donors In 1787, James Madison’s concern […]

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