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Political advice from an unlikely source – 1933 speech by newspaper mogul Wm. R. Hearst

October 8, 2012

Newsreel filmed at Hearst Castle in 1933: ‘BUY AMERICAN’  TO HELP PROSPERITY, SAYS W. R. HEARST — Noted published launches nation-wide movement to aid US Industry: “Prosperity depends upon the purchasing power of the community and the purchasing power of the community depends mainly on the distribution of wealth in wages. When we buy American goods, we […]

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A Truly Preposterous Idea ~ day 1, post #1

September 16, 2012

Garden Party Patriotism: ~ a non-partisan, non-electorial political party I am proposing a totally preposterous idea — a new, non-partisan, non-electorial political party (already seems like an oxymoron!) built on the idea of a robust participatory democracy and citizenship as an everyday active verb. My definition of ‘partisan’ applies to the Democratic and Republican parties as well as the […]

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