November 2016

Civil Discourse in post-2016 Election world ~ part 2: Saying “nice” while taking bold & aggressive political action @ all levels of government

November 30, 2016

Part 2 ~ A Moral Compass that always points True North A. Trash Talking — tame your tongue and aim that energy into effective political activisim! The bottom line is simple: Without question, all Americans enjoy and depend on our current, rather complex civilization for lights, running water, heat, food in the grocery store, gas in […]

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Compassion & words of wisdom in letter by principal of multicultural school to students & parents

November 11, 2016

Re-post from Share Quote The children are our future. Literally. Andrew Vega is a first-generation American, the son of Mexican immigrants. He identifies as gay. He’s also the principal of Bates Elementary School in Boston. Like so many of us, he had a lot on the line during this election. And like so […]

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