March 2017

2016 Presidential Election: Part 2 ~ Fact-based testimony of Clinton Watts, frmr FBI agent & counterterrorism expert on Russian Govt’s covert operations ~ 2014-2016

March 31, 2017

Part Two – Real & specific facts on what and how the Russian govt interfered in our 2016 election ~ Testimony & interview of Clinton Watts, fmr FBI & current counterterrorism expert ~  Mr. Watts is a former FBI agent, who previously was the executive officer of the Counter-Terrorism Center at the West Point Military Academy, […]

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2016 Presidential Election: Part 1 ~ Russia, hacking, false news stories & federal Investigations ~ Connecting Up the Dots btw

March 29, 2017

Prologue: I personally know and admire more than a dozen Russians families who are working in Silicon Valley tech companies under H1-b visas and have sought out midwifery care from me. I other Russians who immigrated permanently to the US and are now proud to be naturalized US citizens. For this and other reasons, I’ve […]

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The Electoral College ~ Everything You ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask!

March 18, 2017

The history and contemporary impact of the Electoral College is a follow-up for yesterday’s “Not Voting, protect voting & the Electoral College: the perfect politcal Storm that determined the 2016 presidential election” Electoral College vs. Presidential Election by the Popular Vote . . . . It seems somehow un-American that the winner of our presidential […]

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Not voting, protest voting, the Electoral College & a little help from our friends (the Russians: the perfect political storm that determined the 2016 presidential election

March 17, 2017

How Americans who didn’t vote, or used their vote as a protest against the Washington, DC elite, and the antiquated and undemocratic process of the Electoral College, all fed into the “perfect storm” that ultimately determined the 2016 presidential election Everything you ever wanted to know about the 2016 election but were afraid to ask  (well almost, but […]

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Constitutional Liberty and Arbitrary Powers ~ Joseph Warren, Boston, March 5, 1972

March 5, 2017

EDITOR’S NOTE: The text of this speech has many extremely long paragraphs — many as long as an entire page. For reading documents on-line, I find myself loosing the thread in the middle of such long unbroken text. For that reason, I have taken the liberty of breaking those super-sized paragraph in more easily readable […]

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