June 2017

“Rage is all the rage and it’s dangerous” ~ Today’s “Pearl of Great Price” from the WSJ

June 16, 2017

Never forget, always remember: People get the government they’re willing to put up with… WE should be relieved, as this simple fact puts the ball back in our court, where We The People can actually make a positive contribution to our own government.    After reading the passage below from the Wall Street Journal, I […]

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Public Service Announcement – fund-raising mailing for “hospice support” that is fraudulent

June 8, 2017

Editor’s Note: I received a letter asking for a $10 contribution to “hospice-at-home” — a category that i have more than the usual amount of interest, having provided “hospice” care to my own father (1983), mother (2002) and husband (2013) in the days and weeks before they died at home. I almost wrote a check […]

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