February 2018

Civil Discourse & the Golden Rule following the 2016 Election ~ Saying “nice” is playing nice

February 18, 2018

Originally posted Nov 25, 2016 ~ a 20-minute read ^O^ Lightly updated February 18th, 2018, four days after the latest school shooting in Parkland, Fla This was the first essay written by me in the weeks following the 2016 election.     Civility, that is, playing ‘nice’, is both the ethical choice and smart politics in the aftermath […]

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Index with Links to all ‘2nd American Revolution’ series of essays

February 3, 2018

    For future reference or to share, the TinyURL for this Index Page is https://tinyurl.com/ydf2azq3   Editor’s Prologue:  As a country, we are at a crossroads — either pull together, or sit by as our country sinks into a new Dark Ages. Since I’m not a big fan of living in the dark, so I […]

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