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Editor’s Prologue: 

As a country, we are at a crossroads — either pull together, or sit by as our country sinks into a new Dark Ages. Since I’m not a big fan of living in the dark, so I see this as an opportunity to rise up and make THE difference.

Two of  of the “smartest guys in the room” — Albert Einstein and Irish statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke (1770) — said things that apply directly to the political issues facing our country today:

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created themAlbert Einstein 

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

When bad men combine, good men must organize. Edward Burke:

As was true for our Founding Fathers, I believe history is also calling us to participate in an American Revolution, only this second American Revolution is taking place in the 21st century and unlike the revolution of 1776, this 2nd American Revolution is not shooting war against a foreign power, but a revolution of the mind — the way we think about ourselves as citizens, and our relationship to the federal government, and our civic responsibilities as individual citizens and non-partisan public interest groups.

Except for voting in national elections every 2, 4 or 6 years, there is no other constitutionally-recognized process available to us as citizens that would allow us to effectively, and in near real-time, impact the serious problems currently that continue to besiege our country during the long years between elections.

Yes, we can write letters to the editors, visit the offices of our elected officials, even march in the streets wearing eye-catching costumes and face paint and carrying big signs, but obviously that has repeatedly been proven ineffective.

Examples of this truism include the 99% encampment in NYC following the financial meltdown in 2008, the three-million Women’s march in January 2018 protesting Trump’s election, Vietnam war protests in the 70s, Hooverville and the Veterans March on Hoover’s Whitehouse in 1928, and dozens of other similar historical events.

But as US citizens — as individuals or large groups — there is no constitutional process for influencing the workings of the federal government, OR our current, highly partisan and profoundly dysfunctional political system. While we are told that the basic foundation of American democracy is “We The People“, but functionally speaking that simply is not true

At the bottom of this depressing reality, and feelings of anger and hopelessness they engender, is a very specific fact. Simply put, there’s glitch our Constitution. Yes, the US Constitution is an amazing and unparalleled document, but nonetheless, it does not provide any civil process for influencing our elected officials or the workings of the federal government beyond federal elections held many years apart.

Voting in a federal election is like giving our credit cards, and the password to our bank account, to whoever we voted for, hoping they won’t abuse them and saying, in essence, “see you in 2, 4, or 6 years’. In the meantime, there is NO accountability and nothing we can do when promises are not kept and policies are voted for (and failed to vote for) that promote a stable democracy, such as federal financing of elections. 

One simple example is that We The People cannot even initiate a recall of the US Senators or Congressmen representing our state that we elected in the first place or vote directly for our president.

This is bad news for democracy, as our Democratic Republic desperately NEEDS its citizens to be effective participants between federal elections. Being locked out for the 2, 4 or 6 years is not workable for the issues facing America in the 21st century.

This series on a Second Revolution” provides a lot of new information and ideas, historical backgrounds (see link to a bibliography & list of primary & secondary sources below), as well as concrete suggestions for how each of us — individuals and cooperating groups — can move our country away from the abyss and toward the Light.

That includes having a positive influence on our elected officials, the daily workings of the federal government and especially our electoral system itself — how it works and where the money comes from, especially how we could finance the democratic process of elections in ways that are themselves democratic.

Regardless of our age, gender, sexual preferences, religion, race, where we live, how much we make, or our political affiliation, patriotic Americans all need to be on the same side — the side of a successful and thriving democracy that, as a free country, continues to earn its honored place as a world leader.  This kind of universal non-partisanship must be the foundation upon which partisan politics stands.  

But that can’t happen as long as our democratic process is being usurped by the unelected, that is,  uber wealthy individuals and corporate donors who are manipulating our federal government system from behind the scenes to further their own special interests.

The good news is that ‘knowledge is power’. In our democratic republic, people-power is the difference between a robust government system that honestly and fairly serves the needs of its people and one that is slowly being bled to death by Big Money special interest groups that is happy to replace our democratic republic with a tyrannical oligarchy.

We can’t let that happen. As ordinary citizens, we need to take back our rightful place in democratic process that our founding documents proudly described “We, the People” and identified as the strong foundation upon which our democracy rests.       

So I hope you will find the essays in this series helpful. They are a rather slow work-n-progress, with many of the best parts still in draft form.

Check back every now and then to read newer posts. I will continue making progress towards these exciting new goals. 

Note: I used an unusual number of photographs to make the material less dense and more interesting, but also because photographs and graphic pictures are a useful as memory markers.

If you don’t finish an essay, or want to return to a topic later, the photo accompanying the particular section where you left off makes it easier to return to it later.

warmest regards, 

faith ^O^   

Bibliography & References  ~ primary and secondary sources for information in these essays


The Second American Revolution: A revolution of the Mind

 Overview & Intro

Crowd-sourcing our Democracy: simple ways to overcome a historic flaw in our US Constitution

The Historical Problem
with our Constitution & its Consequences:
Chapter 1



Tracing the problem back to its roots

Part One ~ Chapter 2





Back to the Future ~ Chapter 3

Our American Democracy started
in England with the Magna Carta


Essays on Associated Topics


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Emigration Declaration Project
~ Personally tracing our emigration history back 10 generations


Part 4-A ~ Tiny URL ~

What can we do? Where do we start?

When I started this post, I already had a longish list of ideas that I started working on last summer. But in today’s bizarre political world, that was eons ago.


An Aside from Chapter 2 ~ Factions & Special Interest Groups: 

Congressmen who occasionally form a majority voting block vs. the unmitigated & unethical influence of the 1% ~ famous, influential or uber wealthy donors who exert disproportionate and undemocratic influence over the US Congress and our federal electoral system.




Bibliography & References
used in preparation
of these essays


Tips for reading these long essays: 

I have included an unusual number of photographs to make the material less dense and more interesting.

Pictures are also useful as memory markers. If you don’t finish an essay, or want to return to a specific topic later, the photo that accompanied the section where you left off will be easier to find later.

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