My Open Letter to President Trump ~ convince me to vote for you in 2020

by faithgibson on April 26, 2017

Dear Mr. trump ^O^

I didn’t vote for you last fall, but like passengers on an airliner, we are all praying fervently for your success as our ‘pilot’.

My personal prayer is that you become president of ALL Americans, not just your ‘base’, but all of us.

As president of the whole country, I hope you become so good and effective at fairly meeting the diverse needs of our extraordinarily diverse country that you’d get my enthusiastic vote in 2020.

We want to bet on your success, rather than against it. I know that is a really tall order, but I’m counting on YOU to step up to the plate and be The Man for this tough but rewarding job.

Deporting millions, spending billions on another wall, starting a new expensive “war on drugs”, appointing federal judges and Supreme Court justices that consistently favor corporate rights over citizens rights, defending the right to own military-style assault weapons, publicly denying unpleasant or inconvenient facts, repealing food-assistance programs for poor families, pregnant women, children and the elderly, supporting laws that masquerade as anti-voter fraud but clearly were designed to suppress voting, pursuing policies that will leave millions without affordable medical care, promoting laws that deny women access to reproductive health services  — these are all “no-starters” for me. I know you can do better.

Truth Doesn’t Have to be Defended, only revealed . . . .

Always remember, Truth doesn’t have to be defended, only revealed.

Tell the truth all the time about everything, and it really will ‘set you free’, as well as serving the American public.

Fake news stories and “alternative facts” are irrefutable signs of a weakness. You can choose to be above such things. What American want and need is to be blessed by a leader we can trust and count on to say what he means and means what he says.

So here is an Independent’s very modest “wish list” for your successful Presidency:

  1. Don’t start a nuclear war
  2. Don’t start any other kind of war
  3. Don’t build a billion-dollar wall, but do use ‘smart technology’ to secure our borders, as well as promoting the economic solvency of Mexico so their citizens will be able to thrive in their own country
  4. Don’t sully our global reputation with laws that target Muslims or other ethnic groups
  5. Support free and fair elections by vetoing all vote-suppression laws that cross your desk
  6. Begin the process of repairing our immigration system with legislation that creates a reasonable path to citizenship for Green Card holders who have lived in the US for 5 or more years and proven themselves to be good ‘citizens-in-waiting’ (no validated felony convictions or other pertinent disqualifiers within a system that provides for appeals & redress of grievances in extenuating circumstances and in case of a clerical error)
  7. On compassionate grounds, immediately quit deporting parents of minors who are American citizens and reinstate DACA for non-citizens brought here as children
  8. Be darn sure that your administration doesn’t promote (or tolerate) policies that ultimately mean we can’t safely drink the water, breathe the air, swim in our lakes and rivers, eat food grown on American farms, see blue sky, or sleep peacefully knowing that our children will not suffer in a world sullied by industrial pollution and/or is melting down from unfettered global warming
  9. Agree that the constitutional right to an armed militia (2nd Amendment) does not authorize individual citizens to own high-powered military assault weapons anymore that the right to a state militia authorizes private ownership of bombs and other munitions and advanced technologies of war (such as armed drones, heat-blasting rayguns, etc)
  10. Be the best president you can be, and do so for ALL Americans, regardless of political party

In closing, I want to remind you that your wonderful family, and especially your grandchildren, will inherit the world you leave behind. Make sure its the best it can be for them and all future generations, both in our country and the rest of the world. We have the only known People Planet in this mysterious universe of ours and personally, I think it is a precious gift and it is our sacred duty to protect it.

Warmest regards,

faith gibson ^O^

Mother, grandmother, midwife, concerned citizen, irrepressible optimist

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