2nd Am Rev – Factions – 2nd & 3rd level details – cut & paste my other files

January 30, 2018

Factions – 2nd & 3rd level details


MODERN ~ In our perpetually politically overheated environment, with dueling cable news programs railing at us to hate (or at least demean) the ‘other’ side, while mindlessly rallying around our ‘side’, we have, by bad luck or happenstance, created the very thing our Founding Fathers were most afraid of – ideological factions that coalesce into the equivalent of ‘mob rule’, a take-no-prisoners mentally in which the only good {liberal} or {conservative} is a dead one.

Whoever can metaphorically hijack the amygdala of the most Americans wins, while our democratic form of government loses, as do all its citizens, including the vaulted ‘power elite’ in DC, as it really is us citizens that make the country work – our taxes pays 100% of the salaries and other bills for running the federal government, including the Pentagon and the military that directly protect us against threats foreign and domestic.

MODERN ~ Controlling public perception for partisan political purposes

Both parties have done their part to create an overarching “Party of Public Humiliation”, also known as Politics of personal destruction). This describes a concerted effort by opposition researchers scour high school yearbooks and look under the beds of their “opponents” to find something that can drive a nail the heart of other candidates and turn things in their private and personal life into ad hominem attacks.

It doesn’t matter that these claims are not true, it’s still possible to blacken the reputation of the other candidate simply by claiming they are adulators, alcoholics, embezzlers, gay, pedophiles or (horror of horror!) being treated for depression – everything is fair gain, as long as it muddies up the water for our opponent.

Apparently, its up to us – the lowly, unelected and ever so ‘ordinary’ American citizens. We have to be innovative and quite literally re-create a participatory democracy.

We must always remember: “People get the government they are willing to put up with”.