Hold text temporarily for later posting – biology is destiny — eyes, ears, arms, legs forward!

March 1, 2017

I agree w/ Darwin that biology is destiny, but don’t see that as a gender-centric issues. Instead i would describe the natural human body as the body really is as a physical structure with a front and back, up & down dimension, the vast majority of its discreet parts (head, body, arms, legs, feet and 5 senses) and, most important of all, that its foremost  and obvious “first principle” is “go forward”. 

When gazing at the human body, what could you think other than “it all points forward”, which also means it moves in a forward direction — technically this is considered “progress”, as our journeys generally lead is from where we are to a place where we want to go/be. 

Whether we journey west (“God west, young man, go west!), or east toward the rising sun, or embark on a ‘round trip’ that brings us back to where we want to be, the entire human body was/is obviously designed to (core attribute) to “FACE” forward. Our biology continues to sublingually scream “forward motion” by have 2, forward-facing eyes, two forward-fasting ears, a nose juts forward and outward. Last but not least on our forward-facing features is our one and mouth. That is accompanied by two arms the real forward, and to feet the likewise live on the front edge of our person and are designed to move forward at a variety of different speeds. 

In addition to the directionality of the body, there is meta-data in the human physical manifestation (close but not “it” is Plato (Ancient Greek philosopher 400s BCE) use the analogy “form” as an archetypal state of being that expresses the model in its most total perfection but this perfection in real life for real people is either totally unattainable (can’t fight physics!), or when we temporary but with great excitement actually grasp a moment of this perfection, it soon slips from our grasp and alas, slips from our memory and we return to being humans or as some say “mere mortals”. As an inherently social species, and happily members of a civilized society (we do love our lights and endless amounts of safe, clean water)  that need each other in a very big way. Its very similar to the Aspen forest of Colorado, w/ its huge intact root system that connects each tree to every other tree and  depends on for its existence.  (which is the largest  biological unit on Planet Earth .  

, and that is the equally plausible concept that we are to use our two ears by listening twice as much as we talk, and our two eyes to observe twice as much and twice as often as speak.    

but rather that the physical body give to us by (?? biology/evolution/divine creation) is  

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