Population US 1790-2000 ~ Links for History of America 1630 to 1960

August 2, 2019














1630-1763 The Colonial Period
King Philip’s WarBacon’s RebellionMayflower CompactMarquette and JolietPlymouth ColonyMassachusetts Bay Colony.Benjamin FranklinFrench and Indian War.
1763-1783 Revolutionary America
Stamp ActBoston MassacreBoston Tea Party1st Continental CongressCommon SenseAmerican Revolution2nd Continental CongressPaul Revere’s RideWar of IndependenceYorktown.
1783-1815 The Young Republic
Articles of ConfederationConstitutional ConventionWashington.Hamilton and FederalistsJefferson and RepublicansWhiskey RebellionBattle of Fallen TimbersAlien and Sedition ActsLouisiana PurchaseLewis and ClarkWar of 1812.
1815-1860 Expansion, Political Reform, and Turmoil
Era of Good FeelingsFirst Industrial RevolutionHenry Clay‘s Missouri CompromiseMonroe DoctrineAndrew Jackson Nat Turner RebellionPanic of 1837Manifest DestinyThe Alamo.Frederick DouglassCalifornia Gold RushCompromise of 1850Dred ScottLincoln-Douglas Debates.
1830-1876 Sectional Controversy, War, and Reconstruction
SlaveryUnderground RailroadBleeding KansasAbraham LincolnCivil WarBattle of GettysburgRadical RepublicansReconstructionLittle Big Horn.
1871-1914 Second Industrial Revolution
Railroad EraThomas EdisonHenry FordGeorge Westinghouse.Labor MovementSherman Antitrust ActSpanish-American War.
1880-1920 Political Reform II
Populist PartyJim Crow LawsProgressive (Bull Moose) PartyTheodore RooseveltWilliam Howard TaftWoodrow Wilson.
1914-1933 War, Prosperity, and Depression
Panama CanalWorld War IBlack Sox ScandalHarding Scandals.Charles LindberghStock Market CrashBabe RuthAmelia Earhart.
1933-1945 The New Deal and World War II
Franklin D. RooseveltFirst One Hundred DaysAlbert EinsteinManhattan ProjectJ. Edgar HooverWar in EuropeAdolph HitlerThe HolocaustPearl HarborWorld War IIWar in the PacificRosie the RiveterHarry S Truman and the Atomic Bomb.
1945-1960 Postwar America
Marshall PlanBerlin AirliftKorean WarSenator Joseph McCarthy.Cold WarDwight D. EisenhowerBrown v. Board of EducationRosa ParksRichard M. Nixon and John F. Kennedy.