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February 18, 2018

  • Am Rev part 4-a –> Speaking for that documented majority, we don’t believe we have to choose between the 2nd Amendment and safe, responsible gun policies. Virtually all constitutional scholars agree that private ownership of military-style assault weapons designed to inflict mass-casualties cannot be justified as a constitutional ‘right’ of self-defense.

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British surgeon Sir Joseph Lister who in 1865 developed in the “Principles of Sepsis” and “strict sterile technique” used during surgical operations. He was knighted by Queen Victoria and became her personal physician-surgeon.

photo L&D vag birth – blue wave OB and 10 observers

Gateway Claims by Special Interest Groups are Neither Accurate or Objective

The so-called ‘commonsense changes’ proposed by lobbyists for this special interest group amount to having inserted the warping of their special interest into the laws that define who is ‘permitted’ to receive midwifery care and what kind of care midwives are legally permitted to provide. Another word for any person or group that controls ‘who’ and ‘what’ is “gateway”. AB 1308 usurped the legitimate gateways keepers to midwifery care (i.e. professional midwives) by inserting legal language into the LMPA that identified the obstetrical profession as controlling the ‘gateways’ to maternity care as provided by California licensed midwives.   As a consequence, AB 1308 specifically eliminated the normal constitutional principle of ‘patient autonomy‘ for healthy childbearing women as it applies to women receiving care from California licensed midwives.