Trump as a Verbs, observations about HC held responsible philandering husband, etc

February 25, 2018

Trump ~ the Verb

??? – missing statistic for –> 2016 presidential election, adults didn’t vote, ineligible to vote, 19.8% vote Clinton, 19.5 voted DJT and 2% for 3rd party candidates – US Election Project.

Sexism – boys get to ‘be boys’, while women, as mothers and wives are held to a much higher standard, one that makes them responsible for the bad behavior of the men in their lives –

Under this irrational and ludicrous concept, it’s the wife’s fault if or when her husband becomes a philander, and he gawk, non-consensually grabs for woman’s crotch or breast, commit adultery, etc.

This higher and clearly irrational standard also hold women responsible for any man in their lives that follows Gordon Geko’s “greed is good” motto and revel in financial dealings that dependably result in home foreclosures, families that have to live in their cars or on the street, medical care bankruptcies, and people who die from preventable illness and treatable injuries because they can’t pay for the necessary medical services.

What happened to “land of the brave”

Yes, Hillary ‘failed’ to keep her ‘man’ from straying. Considering on how mainstream Christianity define the bond of matrimony as “till death do us part”, it’s really odd that so many self-identified believers would define HRC’s fatal fault to be that she did not divorce Bill Clinton many decades ago when he was governor of Arkansas.

But many

There is an order of magnitude difference between the prolonged sexual impropriety of DJT. Instead of acknowledging the

Prostitution ~ the Verb:


As wives and mothers, we have all ‘prostituted’ ourselves in order to maintain a less-than-perfect marriage, to keep the family together, to feed the children.

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Verbs of civility – The critical difference between ‘civilization’ and humans as a ‘brutish’ group of primates not long down from the trees is what they do with their hands and what they say with their mouths.