August 9, 2012

 We The People
want to share our dream with you,
that begins by reclaiming the simple word ‘patriotism‘.
 We see true patriotism as a non-partisan,
love of country that extends 
even if their racereligion, ethnicity, gender,
or political affiliation is different than our own.

We believe that Patriotism_2.0 begins in our homes,
and communities. It helps to promote an inclusive and
*participatory* democracy at the grassroots level by
making citizenship into an everyday *active* verb.

This website’s name and many of its ideas came from Eric Liu and
Nick Hanauer’s books 
True Patriots” and “Gardens of Democracy

We are proposing a new, non-partisan, non-electoral political movement,
one that is based on citizen participation by those of us who 
the need to personally “tend” the gardens of democracy 

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Index w/ links to all essays
in our series

“Second American Revolution:
Democracy  and fixing a historic ‘glitch’ in the US Constitution


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